Polytechnic School

Architecture and Urbanism

The course of Architecture and Urbanism of IMED is part of a complete, competitive training, and at the same time in tune with the reality. The critical and reflective spirit is one of the hallmarks of this School , which provides opportunities for students to participate in research, in nuclei or groups, through scholarship or volunteer programs.

Partnerships with nonprofit organizations, research and community outreach are ways to apply social responsibility and encourage the training of creative and critical architects and planners , on the formation of the construction of cities and spaces.

The trajectory of renowned architects, career reference for young professionals is presented in seminars, workshops, inaugural lectures and internships. To know the richness of Brazilian and international architecture, the student has the opportunity to participate in exchange programs , get in touch with the experience of professors and other students who participated in ​​study trips through incentive programs such as “No Border Sciences”.


- Program Accredited with grade 5 (maximum) by MEC;.
- Bilingual Education - IMED Language Center;
- Multidisciplinary training of professors. Professionals who experience the daily life of the labor market form the faculty and contribute with pedagogy engaged with the processes of creation;
- The student develops projects from the beginning of the course and participates in events with internationally recognized professionals;
- The meeting with the architecture of other places happens during the Study Travel program "Let’s Experience " where the student has the opportunity to see works in various cities, internationally and nationally;
- “The Effort”  during the Architect and Urbanist Day, gives opportunity to students to participate in the improvement of spaces with social relevance.
- Different construction techniques and routine works with sizes and themes themselves are presented to students during the technical visits that take place in the "Let's go to work" program.
- Digital Fabrication Laboratory enables the production of models that contribute to creativity in the project design.

Decree 494, of June 29, 2015

Duration: 5 years

Openings: 40 day and 40 evening

Title: Architect and Urbanist

Coordinator: Me. Renata Barbosa Ferrari Curval

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone number: +55 54 3045.9073

Graduate’s Profile

The graduates from the School of Architecture and Urbanism of IMED have a complete and competitive education. They are able to understand and employ the most modern Architecture and Urbanism techniques to design and implement innovative projects in order to meet a variety of social, environmental, aesthetic and technological demands.

The Architect and Urban Planner can act in areas as plural as his training. Capable to work from the design and execution of civil works, landscaping, urban and regional planning, restoration of historic and cultural heritage, and computer graphics to indoors architecture. The architect can provide specific advice to other professionals in different fields, such as real estate appraisal, technical lighting, surrounding insulation and acoustic conditioning.

All these functions can be conducted as liberal professional, entrepreneur, and careers in public or private institutions.

Journal of Architecture

The Arq-IMED Journal is a biannual publication of the School that aims to present the results and disseminate scientific production, as well as to open space for reflection, discussion and socialization experiences of the knowledge generated in Architecture and Urbanism area. It searches the improvement of the design process, urban design, innovation and technology of the built environment.