IMED Business School

Business School

The School of Business Administration aims to give its students a privileged education, to give the possibility to get multiple opportunities in the competitive global market, both in the academic and in the professional field.

The student has access to practical and dynamic experiences which include games and teaching cases and combined with the theory, represents the method of the teaching-learning process. The curricular program provides the student with a broad view of management, with the main tools, and techniques used in the profession.

Whether in business or academic career the School of Business Administration operates in Business Management and Research through a critical and systemic thinking in Strategy, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Operations. The future professional will have analytical and entrepreneurial skills, focused on the development of alternative and creative solutions.


- Course recognized by MEC (score 4);
- Course endorsed by April Student Guide;
- Experienced Professors from leading masters and doctoral programs;
- Active teaching methods;
- Management simulators ("Business Games");
- National and international guests who will approximate the student with the market reality;
- High employment rate, even during the course;
- Scientific research developed on new knowledge in management;
- Encouraging entrepreneurial vision;
- Junior Company, oriented to the initiation of academic consulting practices.

Duration: 4 years

Places available and timetable: 50 daytime, 50 evening time

Title: Bachelor degree in Administration

Coordinator: Adriano José da Silva

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone number: +55 54 3045.9073

Graduate Student Profile

The graduate of the School of Business Administration will have all the necessary conditions to understand the social, political, economic and cultural issues, as well as will be capable of taking decisions through systemic and integrated views in the operational context. The graduate will have the following profile:

He/she will be skilled in Strategy, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Operations Ability to use management tools managerial and behavioral skills to enhance the performance of organizations entrepreneurial attitudes ethical professional practice Ability to integrate technical, scientific and human knowledge in the management of organizations Leading skilled and self-confidence in working in multidisciplinary teams research expertise.

IMED Journal in Administration – RAIMED

IMED Journal in Administration- RAIMED support the divulgation of scientific knowledge in management and related disciplines. With articles from national and international researchers, the journal offers contemporary knowledge and relevant applications which are useful tools for future researchers and organizations. Currently, RAIMED has been rated Qualis B4 in the scale of Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (Capes).

The Junior Company

The Junior Company approximates students to market realities and provides to academics a development of knowledge through the provision of consulting services. The services cover the following areas of management: marketing and market research, personnel management, organizational development, strategic planning, operations management, logistics, social projects and finance.


E-mail: [email protected]

Business Plan Competition

In order to stimulate a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among academics of the institution, the School promotes a Business Plan Competition. The initiative will promote closer ties between academic and business; it facilitates the access of new businesses for potential investors; it helps to accelerate the growth of the young companies, it fosters a culture of business plan and successful enterprises.

Our program exposes students to real situations of everyday business, preparing them to think critically and act as agents of change in the organizations. In addition to the practical applicability part of the intense learning are the intense exchanges of knowledge between teachers and students and the networking promoted by the interaction between the classmates. The winners of the Business Plan Competition receive an international trip award.